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The results are in! – August 8, 2011

The results are in! Thrity-one of R2’s valued customers let their voices be heard in R2’s annual Mid-Year Customer Survey. See how we stack up in the eyes of our customers.

Survey Summary

“R2 goes above and beyond every day…” Comments from customers such as this is what R2 Logistics aims for in servicing every single customer.  The purpose of R2’s customer survey is to know if they are reaching this goal, and if not, how they can. At R2, the primary goal is not to have satisfied customers; those who feel good about working with R2. The goal is to have loyal customers; those who feel great about working with R2 and would recommend them to others.

One value that R2 possesses is honesty. One customer quoted, “This is what sets R2 from the rest of the competition. R2 is always dependable and honest.” R2 knows if they want to reach their goal of servicing every customer at the loyalty level they need to address customer issues. This is why R2 will continue to improve their communication, work on offering more competitive rates, find more certified hazmat drivers, and handle more evening and night appointments along with the other concerns customers laid out.

The 2011 Mid-Year Survey shows R2 is on track to reach their goal of servicing every customer at the loyalty level. Reaching the highest percentage it has been in recent surveys, 77% of customers said they were loyal to R2.  The remaining 23% found themselves to be satisfied. Not one customer said they were unsatisfied with R2’s service.

Contributing to these numbers is the fact that 97% of the customers said they considered R2 to be a value added provider for their organization. Customers were also polled on R2’s speed in finding a resolution to any questions or concerns. 90% said R2 associates answer with a fast and easy way to handle it, while 10% said R2 associates find an alternative solution after a considerable amount of deliberation. Not one customer said they are given an excuse or reason they can’t do what they want. The most popular answer came when asked if R2 associates greet customers with a friendly and positive attitude. Every customer agreed to this question.

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