As supply chain complexity is in constant evolution, ingenuity is vital for gaining a competitive edge. Our expert associates provide the ability to appraise your logistics system, and expand and apply more competent and cost effective solutions.
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With the bounty of carriers contracted with R2, the options are endless to find the right solution to move your freight. We also understand that getting it moved isn’t your only concern. That’s why it’s our first priority to choose the right option for you.
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LTL weight classes and pricing have you left in a haze of confusion? Let our LTL experts that we have on hand guide you to find the best option for your business. When your business is our business, we make it a point in servicing you with outstanding quality.

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We can understand that there’s never enough time in the day. If you have a shipment that should have been moved 24 hours ago we have the means of getting it there now. We have a multitude of contracted expedited carriers who can move your freight for you in a safe and reliable fashion.

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Along with our other available capabilities, R2 also offers your business intermodal services. If you would like to utilize this service or explore its options, our experienced staff can assist you in taking advantage of its possibilities.

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When you’re hauling a shipment that’s oversized and overweight, attention to detail is crucial. The attention needed is exactly what you will receive with R2. With our vast network of nationwide carriers we can solve the problems you may face with your specialized shipment.

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Simply put, Reverse Logistics is the return of products to a manufacturer or distributor from their customer. A well-organized Reverse Logistics program will result in direct benefits such as improved customer satisfaction and reductions in warehousing and distribution costs.

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