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Jacksonville, FL – March 25, 2013

On Saturday, March 23 R2 Logistics sponsored Muckfest MS in Jacksonville, Florida. The event, held at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, is a five mile run including multiple obstacles along the way. Obstacles test participants’ strength and balance as well as their tolerance to getting muddy as they run, walk, crawl and even swim through mucky trenches and man-made pits.

Just over 1,500 people took part in the event put on by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society; two of which were R2’s own Corey Morris and Jeff Schroeder. “This is the second mud run we have participated in and I really enjoyed myself at this one,” commented Schroeder. “These runs not only challenge your physical ability but make you feel like a kid again playing in the mud. The MS Society did a fantastic job coordinating Muckfest, and ensuring everyone had a great time.”

As a sponsor for the event, R2 Logistics was given a tent and table to hand out promotional items to the crowd. As rain began to fall the tent quickly became a wonderful utility in keeping the R2 volunteers – Ryan Mason, Katie Quinn and Kate Robbins – safe from the elements.

Jeff Schroeder and Corey Morris got a little dirty at Muckfest.

Kate Robbins, Ryan Mason, Corey Morris, Jeff Schroeder and Katie Quinn at the R2 Logistics booth.

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