Truckload Capacity

With R2 Logistics’ excess of contracted carriers, the options are endless to find the right solution to move your freight. We also understand that getting it moved isn’t your only concern. That’s why it’s our first priority to choose the right option for you.

After the selection has been made we begin the process of following the freight from start to finish. At least 5 check calls are made for each shipment to ensure its security, and if you ever have a question, we’ll have an answer.

Truckload Freight Benefits

  • We’re committed to you and your business – we’re available 24/7
  • We set you up with your ONE and ONLY account representative
  • We are not bound by U.S. borders – we make it easy for you to move shipments to and from Mexico and Canada
  • Follow your shipments quickly and easily online
  • Countless options – whether it’s for one load or for your entire supply chain, R2 has the solution you’re seeking