Reverse Logistics Solutions

Simply put, Reverse Logistics is the return of products to a manufacturer or distributor from their customer. A well-organized Reverse Logistics program will result in direct benefits such as improved customer satisfaction and reductions in warehousing and distribution costs. Studies show 8-9% of all customer shipments are returned and 25-30% of e-retail shipments are as well.  Managing Reverse Logistics costs are critical to running an efficient Supply Chain.

Reverse Logistics Benefits

RA Numbers & Accounting
RA numbers are captured in the R2 TMS and linked with BOL numbers and Carrier PRO numbers resolving accounting issues due to missing RA numbers.

Damage & Recouping
Strong relationships with R2’s network of LTL carriers ensures shipments are handled with care.

The R2 TMS will select the most effective carrier for both transit time and cost. Customers are no longer held “hostage” with only one carrier choice.