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The R2 Logistics’ 2010 Year-End Customer Service Survey is complete. Twenty-four of R2’s customers were asked to analyze R2’s superior service. Thank you to all of those customers who participated. Check out the summary of the Customer Service Survey to see how we stack up in the eyes of our customers.


     At the core of the R2 Logistics business model is the motto “Reliable Service.  Relentless Passion.”  The results of the 2010 Customer Service Survey show R2 has been able to live up to this motto.  This statement can be backed by 71% of customers surveyed answering that they considered themselves to be loyal customers of R2; meaning they feel great about working with R2 and would recommend to others.  The remaining 29% consider themselves to be satisfied; which in these terms means they feel good about working with R2. There was not one single customer who answered they were unsatisfied with the service R2 has provided them.
Many companies may see these numbers in a successful light, but R2 does not consider this a complete success.  As a company who prides itself on having the best customer service in the transportation business, R2 will only start to feel content with the results when every customer answers how they consider themselves as being a loyal customer.
On the service end of the survey, 100% of the customers surveyed answered that R2 associates are capable of solving problems instantly. To do this, R2 associates ask the right questions and they fix the problem now.  100% of the customers also answered that they encounter positive, energetic, friendly people when dealing with R2.  With these flawless numbers in mind, R2 is confident they can create loyal customers.
To quote a member of the R2 Leadership Team, “Complacency is a cancer.” It’s with this attitude that R2 looks to offer superior customer service.  R2 will continue to communicate and build relationships with their customers every single day.  Whether the customer considers themself loyal or not, R2 will offer and uphold the motto of “Reliable Service. Relentless Passion,” by servicing each customer with extraordinary quality.