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Gain Supply Chain Transparency

Gain Supply
Chain Transparency

R2 Logistics works with industry leading technology providers to offer our customers the highest level of supply chain visibility.

MacroPoint enables shippers to view, analyze, predict and communicate the status of any shipment in real time. Improve your ability to manage supply chain disruptions and increase on-time performance.

Project 44 offers data and insights across every step of the supply chain. Continuously track shipments to improve inventory management, resulting in more reliable and predictable deliveries.

With comprehensive real-time tracking and advanced machine-learning, FourKites helps shippers identify bottlenecks in their operations and manage transportation issues to continuously optimize their supply chain.

Through live data aggregation, FreightVerify gives powerful analytics and an intuitive interface, shippers can unlock the insights they need to make critical decisions with confidence.

10-4 Systems helps companies understand, embrace and benefit from a comprehensive supply chain technology experience. The company is all about total supply chain visibility that is shareable and customizable.