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Jacksonville, FL – February 7, 2011

The results have been tabulated from our 2011 Year-End Customer Survey. Check out what our customers are saying about us.

Survey Summary

We can attempt to market ourselves in every way possible, but at the end of the day do we truly stand up to the claims that are being made? The purpose of our bi-annual customer survey is to validate these claims. At R2 Logistics our goal is to be the best broker in the Third Party Logistics industry. This is a lofty goal by anyone’s standards, but we believe if we offer superior customer service over our competition this goal can be reached. Our customer survey allows us to know if we are on track to reach this goal, or what changes can be made internally so we can.

Generating customer loyalty is a goal for any company, but at R2 Logistics it’s seen as a key measurement to our success. We strive to surpass the everyday customer satisfaction rating. This is why we look to build lasting relationships with all of our customers, whether Fortune 500 or Family Owned. Seventy-six percent of the customers surveyed said they were loyal to R2. The remaining customers said they were satisfied. Not one customer said they were unsatisfied with R2’s service.

Communication is the root to building a lasting relationship. Our customers will not experience the communication we possess with any other carrier out there. One question asked of our customers was: When a problem occurs, how many times do you have to contact your Customer Rep. before the problem is resolved? Ninety-three percent of the customers who answered this question replied, “One” time. Our customers also remarked on our communication. “R2’s customer service goes above and beyond every day. They always answer the phone and our team is never put to voicemail,” quoted Valerie Yakley, Briggs and Stratton. Another customer, Sarah Pero, International Automotive Components, gave the best declaration to R2’s communication. She said, “R2 is a reliable transportation provider with communication standards that exceed those of other typical transportation brokers. R2 provides the updates and service I would expect from an asset based carrier, which gives me more security when awarding them business.

This “security” is another standard we believe sets R2 apart from the competition. This can only come from hiring individuals who are dedicated to serving to the best of their ability on a daily basis. Customers were asked to rate R2 associates’ overall professionalism (communication, responsiveness, and politeness) on a scale of one to ten; ten being best. R2 associates scored an average of 9.4 on this scale. Theresa Speak, Ford Motor Company, commented, “…the associates at R2 are very friendly and courteous, and have the trust and integrity that a company needs and wants. That is what R2 is all about.” Amber Gast, Alberto Culver, added, “The staff is always knowledgeable and it’s a very ‘all hands on deck’ attitude when a problem occurs. I feel confident every time I book them on a load.

These comments can be used as proof that we are on track to reach our goal of becoming the best broker in the Third Party Logistics industry. However, we also learned of other improvements that can be made to guide us along the way.  Tony Kirby with Green Bay Packaging would like to see a daily list of loads we are set to pick-up, and Todd Boardwine of the NewPage Corporation would like R2 to expand into new markets to help service one of their other locations. These are improvements we can easily make to accommodate our customers and reach our goal.

So do our claims hold validity? Our current size may lead others to say no. But when you listen to our current customers you can hear them cheering, “Yes!” Listen to our fans. Shelly Berry of the Jarden Corporation says, “Of all my carriers, R2 is miles above the competition.


To view the enitre customer survey, Download Here!