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How 3PL Benefits the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is one of the most significant sectors of the American economy, representing roughly $1.5 trillion

This industry also comes with unique needs, such as refrigeration and monitoring of expiration dates. A third-party logistics (3PL) provider can provide workable solutions that streamline the storage and delivery of goods. 

Here are some of the key benefits of 3PL for food and beverage businesses.

Strategic Packaging

A 3PL provider can also ensure strategic packing protocols that likewise protect the quality and safety of items traveling from the warehouse to the delivery location. 

These protocols can include refrigerated delivery trucks and other portable storage measures to prolong your product’s shelf life.

3PL for small businesses in the food/beverage industry also means strategic picking procedures. Pickers/packers can use inventory data to select items that are nearing their expiration date so you don’t have items spoiling in your warehouse and saddling you with the cost and burden of disposal.

Adaptation to Cyclical Demands

Consumer food products go through cyclical/seasonal sales periods. 3PL for small businesses can analyze past sales data and adjust inventory replenishment levels accordingly. 

This aspect of the inventory management system will prevent suppliers from coming up empty when demand pours in, and it also prevents warehouses from being overrun by unsold products that won’t last until the next major sales season.

Efficient Transportation


Storage and packing are certainly important, but so are the routes your items take before reaching their intended destination. 3PL for small business owners can rely on real-time data for route optimization, saving you time and fuel.

This same 3PL technology can also keep you in touch with the recipient. Tracking details and real-time updates alert buyers of the status of their shipment. This connection can add value to food and beverage suppliers

Customer Satisfaction

KIND Bars, just one of the many food brands that R2 transports.

By some estimates, food and beverage companies (including restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery chains) lose anywhere from $120 to $300 billion annually due to food spoilage. 

A 3PL for food and beverage solutions can minimize this loss by offering customizable warehousing, storage, and delivery services that maximize the shelf life of each food item.

Additionally, the best 3PL providers offer value-added services, allowing merchants to customize their product packaging to reflect their unique brand. As a result, food and beverage suppliers can bring something unique to their customers and nurture long-term business relationships.

Regulatory Compliance

3PL for food and beverage companies isn’t just about preserving product quality. It’s also about consumer safety. Consumer safety is carefully controlled by a number of federal and industry regulations, such as the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Food-based businesses can rely on a 3PL provider to ensure better compliance with these and other regulations. By using a service that protects the quality of food and beverages, business owners can gain greater confidence in their ability to adhere to established standards. They can even use 3PL data to document their commitment to quality assurance.

Where to Find 3PL for Food and Beverage Companies

R2 Logistics has a strong track record of industry-leading 3PL solutions for a variety of business sectors — including food and beverage. Our customizable solutions can improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of your food and beverage storage and delivery network, allowing you to satisfy more customers while streamlining your overhead costs. 

If your business deals with food and beverages, contact R2 Logistics today to discover how we can help you.