“We’ve never thrown out a challenge that they haven’t been able to solve for us. I don’t need to worry about logistics because R2 handles it.”

“R2 Logistics responds to our needs promptly and immediately. They’re always on time in responding to any issues that we have, they are right there to help us acquire a carrier no matter what it takes and they never leave us hanging out to dry.”
“They’ve got a real do it now attitude. Not only are you going to get a live person but they’re going to be on it. It’s not going to sit on their desk for a week. They’re going to get on it right away and make sure they get an answer back to you as quickly as possible.
"I admire their dedication to serving their customers, and ours. I appreciate the constant upbeat nature of all of their representatives and I look forward to growing with them."
Owens Corning

“You guys are AWESOME! Really a pleasure to deal with. I worry less about the freight that travels through R2 as I know that any issues will be promptly addressed and dealt with. You guys are on the ball every step of the way. Customer service is beyond exceptional!”

Surplus Building Materials

“R2 is always a pleasure to work with and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. R2 puts the customer first.”

The Scotts Company

"Working with R2 is like throwing a hail marry pass with your entire team ready and waiting in the end zone. This group consistently delivers the most competitive rates and backs it up with timely, professional communication. Giving R2 Logistics an opportunity to show what they can do was an excellent choice."

Playcraft Systems

"R2 provides great customer service and support - even on late notice requests and tough moves. They understand the challenges of the industry and will provide consistent customer service both in and outside of normal business hours."

Johns Manville

"R2's business model is one that so many companies could learn from; in reference to customer service and ensuring the job from beginning to end. They truly have accepted that customer service is more than just a punchline on paper. They believe in ensuring that a customer’s product makes it to its destination in a timely manner and in quality shape. They are by far a company that truly puts the customer’s needs first."

H.S. Automotive

"If the inbound and outbound flow of your product(s) is consuming more of your time and money than you would like, look no further than R2 Logistics for help. From the quoting stage to finding a truck and then keeping myself, my vendors and customers constantly updated, R2 is 2nd to none!"

Dakota Fence