R2 Logistics


R2 Logistics, Inc., a Third-Party Logistics service provider, today announced the launch of their new supply chain Transportation Management System (TMS). The R2 Logistics TMS incorporates a web-based user interface where manufacturers can manage their planning and shipment execution.

“We interviewed a lot of TMS providers and ultimately decided we were better off creating our own,” said CEO, Ben Gase.  “We speak to our customers every day and know what information they need and how they need it delivered.”

With the use of R2’s new TMS technologies, customers can now keep pace with growing demand, tracking all supply chain operations online and offering automated operational functions. Improved processes free up resources, allowing clients to focus on growing their business with real-time visibility into order and workflow status.

R2 Logistics TMS Key Features:

  • Load Tendering
  • Order Management
  • Tracking and Status Updates
  • Shipping Optimization and Dynamic Routing
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics

“A lot of our customers have information stored in so many different areas,” said VP of Strategic Initiatives, Hunter Schwind.  “Our system brings it together so they have a clear picture of their whole supply chain. Now they can make effective business decisions quickly.”

About R2 Logistics, Inc.

R2 Logistics, Inc. is a Third-Party Logistics company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  The company works with thousands of transportation providers nationwide and was named to Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 3PL Providers list the past three years.  R2 Logistics delivers industry-leading services through multiple operating branches located across the United States. These branches focus on full truckload transportation as well as services including less-than-truckload (LTL), supply chain management, expedited freight, intermodal, certified hazardous material and specialized hauling. For more information about R2 Logistics, visit www.r2logistics.com.