R2 Logistics, Inc., a Third-Party Logistics service provider, today announced the reception of the 2016 Sabra Customer Service Award by Lillie Norris from the R2 Logistics Columbus office. Sabra Dipping Company, LLC is a U.S.-based company which produces Middle Eastern-style food products and is mostly known for their wide array of hummuses.

Qualifications for the award were based on accuracy and timely updates in the Sabra TMS. “We request that carriers update our system with all information in real-time and Lillie does a great job of doing so,” commented a Sabra representative. “The updates we receive from Lillie set the standard we want all our carriers to be held to.”

David Crowley, R2 Logistics Columbus Branch Manager, also noted, “Lillie has been working diligently with Sabra for the past year. She exemplifies R2’s ‘Do It Now Attitude’ and has always put the customer first in everything she does.”

“I am honored Sabra took the time to notice my hard work and dedication to the account,” stated Lillie. “I could not be more grateful about receiving this award.”