R2's Game-Changing Transportation Management System

R2 Logistics is superior to other 3PL’s by how we utilize technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy and service. Our TMS creates data that helps shippers streamline tasks and reduce costs. With an integrated customer portal, our tools deliver real-time connectivity across the supply chain. Whether you need transparent visibility to your operations, optimization of your business processes, or strategic data and reporting to help drive decisions, R2 Logistics has the tools you need.

Transportation Management System Capabilities

The R2 Logistics TMS gives our customers visibility and flexibility on every shipment. Here’s what you can expect when you connect to our TMS.

  • Load Tendering
  • Order Management
  • Tracking and Status Updates
  • Shipping Optimization
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics

Key TMS Benefits

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Tailor-made and customized TMS implementations that bring solutions and options for every customer. Our technology is flexible and can scale to accommodate your needs.

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Key Performance Indicator reporting features offer instant access to complete information; whether it’s a single shipment or your entire supply chain.

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Our TMS is uniquely configured to automate decision making processes and provides actionable data for supply chain optimization.