Negotiated Rates

View and compare rates from the nation’s top carriers all in one spot. You choose the rate and service level that meets your budget.

Spot Quotes

Reduce costs by requesting spot quotes and receive the best volume freight rates at the best service levels.


Save time and book shipments directly with the carrier of your choosing.


The location of your freight is available at your fingertips. Receive full visibility of your supply chain and enable better service for your customers.

Reports & Analytics

Generate reports that help you understand every detail of your freight spend. Analytics help decrease spend and increase service levels.

Freight Pay & Audit

Audit carrier invoices against the approved rate quote for any shipment. Deduct exceptions from invoices or approve them for processing.

Prepay & Add

Add a percentage or flat rate upcharge to negotiated carrier rates for unforeseen accessorial and handling charges.

Carrier Relationship Management

Track daily tasks and carrier schedules. Analyze carrier performance and keep carrier service levels high.

R2’s TMS is a game-changing technology solution built to overcome any supply chain requirement; no matter the difficulty. Gain the visibility and insight you need to make well-informed business decisions that move your company towards greater success.

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