R2 Logistics


R2 Logistics, Inc., a Third Party Logistics service provider, today announced their employee award winners for 2015. An award’s dinner was held in Dallas, Texas at Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab House on November 21. Attending the dinner, in addition to the winners, were Founder and CEO, Ben Gase; CFO, Kees Hiatt; Co-VP of Sales, Hunter Schwind; Co-VP of Sales, Ben Jordan; Co-VP of Operations, Brad Schneider; and Co-VP of Operations, Matt Elsass. Associates were chosen for their award based on their outstanding service, ability to capitalize on opportunities within their position, and exemplifying the set company standards of The R2 Way.

The 2015 winners are:
Operations Employee of the Year: Matt Harris
“Matt’s successful customer interactions are a direct result of his attention to detail when coordinating his activities and setting his “plan of attack” for the day,” said Schneider. “Prioritizing what is most important while handling the unanticipated challenges that arise daily are paramount to success as a Pod Leader within R2 Logistics and Matt has demonstrated the ability to succeed in this environment. He demonstrates the “R2 Way” by putting the customer at the center of every decision made.”

Customer Service Employee of the Year: Brian Woolum
“Since day one, R2 has placed Customer Service on the highest pedestal,” said Elsass. “Brian not only puts the customers at the forefront of every decision, but teaches and trains all those around him how to service and communicate the R2 Way.”

Salesperson of the Year: Stuart Burden
“Stu is a team player that leads by example showing every new employee what it takes to be a great salesman,” said Jordan. “Through persistence, action, and a strong ability to contact the right person at the right time Stu has become one of the best sales leaders at our organization.”

Administrative Employee of the Year: Jeanette Adkins
“Jeanette displays every attribute that I could ever ask for in an employee,” said Hiatt. “Every time I give her a task it is done quickly, properly and efficiently. Jeanette represents all of the qualities attributed to the R2 Way.  She is a tremendous asset to the company and she only wants to grow more, personally and professionally.”